Cambodian man quits his job as a banker to make car tires and make strange things, earning thousands of dollars a month

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Obsolete old tires have become worthless, with some being sold cheaply to Vietnam and others discarded, but the worthless tires were picked up by a former credit officer. Recycle into unique items that can earn back thousands of dollars.

A resident of Prey Veng province, Mr. Soeung Soukrea told Cambodian lifestyle that after getting tired of working as a credit officer for about eight years, he decided to resign and start a career as a tire maker.
“As you know, CO work is very emotional, both in the workplace and in the borrower. It is a strange job, so I decided to give up my job to do it, ”said Mr. Sour.

According to the owner of the tire factory, he initially invested about $ 1,000 to buy a machine, some of which were already purchased and some of which were recycled for use. Started this career 1 year and 7 months ago, with a relatively high market after posting this work on Facebook and help spread the word in the press.

He can design car tires into display items such as tables, chairs, pots, parrots, elephants, frogs and other animals according to the wishes of customers.
He said, “Every day, they are not able to afford it because they have more than two children, and most of them buy all these things and put them on display in shops, resorts, schools, especially  Dong school, and the buyers take them house. Most of them are sold to Phnom Penh and many other provinces if my province does not have many buyers.

This tire recycling idea came from looking at different pictures on the internet and YouTube, the owner of the above craft came up with the idea and decided to find a tire recycling technique by himself, starting alone.

Mr. Sourkea claims that as of today, this tire business can earn a total of up to $ 2,000 per month due to the large number of shops and resorts ordering one car at a time.

Most of the tires are bought from dealers who buy old tires in Phnom Penh to sell in Vietnam, in which for the processing of each product takes about a week in a set, fast or slow, depending on the type of product that customers Order.

Finally, Mr. Sourkea stated that if the market demand is higher, he will expand this business even more because today the processing of tires is only possible.

Contact for more information or to order recycled tires via 097 83 31 645/087 87 27 78.

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