Know 3 core skills before you want to become an agricultural millionaire in Cambodia.

Do you have the desire and dream to become an agricultural millionaire in Cambodia? i believe that some of us Cambodian have a dream as well as a goal to achieve it but you do not know what to do to reach that goal today i will share three core skills.

1. Technical skills

As you already know, doing business in agriculture requires us to know the techniques of growing crops or raising animals, or in short, to know which side to do, to know the technical side. If you do not know the technique, the risk is up to 50 percent, so before entering this field, you should learn the technique first. You can start walking and learning more gradually, doing this so that you do not waste time.

2. Processing

Agriculture in Cambodia is made up of 80%, but all kinds of vegetables, fruits, meat sold in the local market are mostly imported from neighbouring countries, while some farmers complain that trying to grow and raise, there is no market. Back. This indicates that we Cambodians always produce but do not know how to process the product to suit the needs of the market in terms of quality and packaging.

Therefore, you must not only know the farming techniques, but you must also have the idea to process the product so that your product sells at a high price and does not lack the market. Especially if you can go to the processing of agricultural products into finished products and properly packaged like Thai CP, it is better. At that time, Cambodia will reduce the import of goods because we Cambodians can also create products and packaging and supply the local market on their own.

At this point, you can take the agricultural tycoon in Thailand as an example, because during the economic crisis, the founder of CP did not blame the state or blame anyone, he was flexible to create a way out of the product. He is congested. In case of unsold meat, Dhanin Chearavanont met a new requirement: to process the fresh meat into ready-made and semi-finished food. These are self-created and self-processing.

3. Marketing Skills

Engaged in agriculture, if you set out to be a farm owner or a plantation owner, do not go out before going to market, it is clear that there is no buyer. Even if you are strong in the above two skills, if you do not know how to market your product, no one knows and can not reach the target customers. So do not wait for luck, do not blame the authorities, learn to market yourself. The products produced must be of good quality, compete in the market, find new customers to increase sales, learn to package products, vegetables, fruits to be beautiful, adjust to customer preferences, this is self-marketing.


It should be noted that these three skills are important skills that can not be missed, but there are also other important skills such as communication skills, management skills, human skills and financial skills etc.

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