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Life In Cambodian Village,Is Siem Reap Beautiful? Episode 1

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So, we’re really hoping that this is actually gonna work as a given is there they just got on the radio and the given is actually at the office just go to the office I guess so we had the chance to have a deep conversation with some local Cambodians who took us around the local night scene and Samir he told us that the town itself. you will mainly see Chinese running businesses while the local Cambodians who originally lived here in summary moved to the countryside to find peace okay. so we’re going to do something a little bit different we’re gonna do an eco-adventure tour which is a combination of a bunch of different things but we’re going to take you along with us today and show you what else there is to do other than just now you go morning James Cambodia is popular destination among Chinese [Music] .
so he was actually just telling us it stopped at the gate on the way in to the actual echo park and he was telling us that like six months out of the year that SCIM reef itself is brown and then for the other six months it’s green and it’s actually rainy season for six months and dry season for six months so we happen to be here at the right time.
I can’t believe a place like this it’s all the way in the middle of the jungle it’s pretty far it’s pretty far that’s why you are late thank you yeah and have some juice for you always good but it’s all Ross a lot use it is sweet inside yeah that’s my favorite juice my smells so good.
what do you guys put in this so they had two Givens originally and then now after the two Gibbons they had actually had a baby so now there’s like four I believe he’s very convenient that you just attached them via SIP lining in the unified [Music]. I thought to myself that I gonna lost my flip-flop I have the feeling I actually lost her flip-flop on the honeymoon. I feel so bad for him no that’s somebody coming on the zip line no. I awesome they only I walked through this since then things are big so we’re really hoping that this is actually gonna work because the given is there they just got on the radio and the giving us actually at the office. so just go to the office so it’s really not a long walk it’s only there’s the given .
oh it’s only like about five minutes but the given is actually in the tree above the building .it’s so cool Oh for you well they take the eggs and one nearby our office there plenty of food .so they lineated he’s stared at himself in the mirror look at he’s just trying to kiss himself though they’d given was kissing himself in the mirror so he actually didn’t have the chance to eat any breakfast yeah because I woke up late we woke up at like 6:00 and we hate meet at like 7 o’clock .
so, we’re going to get something to eat real quick and then we got a big surprise for you tonight we’ve never done anything like this at Asia and I am so excited because it’s right up my alley and exactly what I love doing morning glory and Berlin our booth unlock like. so it looks so happy looks so good and then what is this I’m not bouncing chicken curry. it Wass incredible and I’m so full and now I need to go into food come all right guys
so, yesterday didn’t really go as planned we kind of got hit with like a huge rainstorm so we ended up having to reschedule and coming back in the morning so it’s currently 7 o’clock in the morning it’s 7:30 and we have to meet there at 8:00 so we’re going to get on the road beautiful skies today clear weather so hopefully things go smooth and we don’t get rain but hopefully there is still mud because that kind of makes it more fun[Music]and in Cambodia normally when it’s come to rainy seasons it doesn’t rain in the morning so the tips when you come to Cambodia in rainy seasons if you really have no choice then you have to plan every activities in the morning all right guys so we’re on our way out to the rural side countryside in summary and it’s really nice get really green dirt road I’m so excited this is about to be.

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