Two women over 70 years old grow a lot of American crocodile balm in his contryside

American crocodile balm

American crocodile balm

Crocodile balm is a type of crop that is suitable for different types of soil, such as black soil and mixed soil. This crop will grow well in areas with more hot days each year. On the other hand, it is considered to be a plant that has many health benefits. Balm can be used as an effective medicine for the intestines, stomach, it is also a tonic plant, especially more than that, it is a great cosmetic.
There is vacant land in the corner of the house, do not leave the land vacant. Oum Srey Long Sokhim, 72, and Oum Srey Long Chou, 76, are siblings who grow crocodile balm in Otakham 2 village, Toul Ta Ek commune, Battambang city, Battambang province.

According to a telephone interview with Oum Srey Long Sokhim, she started growing balsam in September 2018, so it was difficult to find the true variety of balsam. There are not many growers, so the two women went to buy seeds at home, they planted as little as possible, now she has planted more than 1,000 seedlings and plans to expand the cultivation to supply market demand.

Oum Srey added that when she first started growing this balm, there were a lot of people laughing and crying, but she did not care about other people’s words, thinking that this balm was very useful for health and could be There are many kinds of cosmetics, so Um Srey planted them successfully.

The two models, both over 70 years old, have different characteristics of this crocodile tail balm, which is unique in that it is grown in pots and in coffins, with both females seeing the three main benefits: It is easy to make grass, secondly, it saves water (uses less water) and thirdly, um srey works on the corners of the house, so it is easy to move up and down.
It should also be noted that the balsam of crocodile tail that the two women grow is a variety of balsam of the crocodile tail (also known as the American variety) Oum Srey grow without the use of chemicals that affect health. Currently, the market for balsam kantouyokrapeu is in high demand for both beverages and medicines, cosmetics and many other health benefits. Please call on all of you to support Cambodian products that do not use chemicals that cause harm to health, as well as encourage both aunts to continue to cultivate to improve their lives. Up.

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